Cardiff kids receive Waterproof and Wellies kits to aid outdoor learning

Jan 28, 2022 | Press |

The Waterproof and Wellies Project, part of The Outdoor Guide Foundation, is raising £5m to provide State Primary Schools with outdoor clothing & welly boots to enable children to learn about and enjoy the outdoors.

The pupils of Lansdowne Primary School were delighted to benefit from the Waterproof & Wellies Project, devised by founder Gina Bradbury Fox. The project was launched by TV presenter Gemma Hunt from CBeebies in Bristol last year. So far, 140 schools across the UK have received 1400 outdoor kits.

Government figures show there are over 20,000 primary schools in the UK in which a number of families do not have easy access to the right gear to enjoy the outdoors*.

The project, part of The Outdoor Guide Foundation, aims to raise £5m to provide 10 sets of high-quality outdoors kit, consisting of a waterproof jacket, trousers and welly boots to every state primary school across the country over the next six years.

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